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I started playing the guitar at the age of 11. I spent early years with rock ballads and symphonic metal.

I studied Flamenco with Ilgaz Benekay at Pera Güzel Sanatlar. I also attended Gerardo Nunez and Carmen Cortes' week-long flamenco workshop several times.

I got my first stage experiences with the guitar then moved to improvisation.

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Here is a selection of my videos from various live concerts.

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La Cartuja (Granaina) - Gerardo Nunez
La Ardilla (Alegrias) - Tomatito


  • Curso Flamenco Image
  • Can Sücüllü with Gerardo Nuñez
  • Gerardo Nuñez Workshop Class
Cursoflamenco by Gerardo Núñez and Carmen Cortés

This marvellous week-long music workshop, masterclass and culture event is organized every year in July. It's been more than more than 20 years since the first gathering.

The event takes place in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a beautiful small town in Cádiz, Andalucía, España.

The participants not only include guitarists but also dancers, percussionists, cantaores, flutists, and people from other walks of art and music; enriching the overall experience.

In addition to wonderful people there are delicious food and sunsets at the Atlantic Ocean. I recommend this unique experience to all international Flamenco enthusiasts.

For more information, check the official website at and

  • Ilgaz Benekay ve Doruk Okuyucu Gitar
  • Senem Balaban Dans
Flamenco in Turkey

Ilgaz Benekay
He is the teacher of teachers. His humble contribution to Flamenco community in Turkey is incomparable. For more information check his website and our school's website.

Doruk Okuyucu
My teacher and dear friend, he is not only a guitar virtuoso, but also a very profound composer. Check his adventures at Instagram and make sure to listen to his album on Spotify.

Senem Balaban
The go to address for learning flamenco dance in İstanbul. Check her at Instagram for lessons and live performances.

  • Can Sücüllü, Mısırlı Ahmet ve Juana konser sonrası
  • Mısırlı Ahmet Kaz Dağları mamp
  • Mısırlı Ahmet Sina Çölü
Mısırlı Ahmet International Rhythm & Art Camp

Mısırlı Ahmet is the world-renowned master of darbuka (Turkish and Middle East percussion instrument).

In addition to his numerous worldwide performances and compositions, he is also contributing to humanity in two extra-ordinary ways.

First is the Ritimhane, where people can learn from the maestro himself and others. It's located in Istanbul. Here is the link.

Second is the series of international rhythm and art camps organized every year. These are exceptional events where people from all over the world gather in nature surrounded by rhythm all day and night long. Venues can be legendary mountains of Kaz Dağları, mystical desert of Sinai, or more. For more information click here and here.